WhatsApp Everywhere!

October 1, 2015

It is a long weekend, So I planned a travel to Chennai to visit my friends. As usual booked a ticket in RedBus to travel and got into pickup bus. To my surprise, the bus was full and I was asked to stand with assurance from the driver that it will not take more than 15 min. There was a guy who was sitting, looked at me and smiled, I didn’t know the reason at that time but when it took an hour to reach Majestic(Bangalore Bus Terminus), I just smiled back.

When I was standing in the bus, I took my phone and informed my sister that I boarded the bus. After pinging her, I just glanced away from the phone to find a surprise that everyone in the bus where using WhatsApp. No, I haven’t read at other people conversation. I was thinking, Mark you made a good purchase. Then I was analysing what caused people to use WhatsApp to be precise what caused people to turn WhatsApping as their behaviour to talk to friends.

From my perspective following are the points that make me believe things that make WhatsApp a big success.

  • Even though they say that they are freemium and people have to pay $1 after a year of use, I don’t remember that I ever paid them
  • They really concentrated on the developing markets like India, Brazil and made their app work on even the weakest network and cheap phone
  • Network effect: People brought in other people to the app because they found value in it and wanted to share the same with their friends
  • Bundling with carriers to provide free data for using WhatsApp, I think this is the groundbreaking move

If I get additional thoughts, will update. If you also do have some thoughts, please comment below lets have a discussion.

Being overall said, I really like WhatsApp team because they taught me how to stay lean and move faster.


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